Anode Jacking Device


Anode jacking devices are widely used in smelters to lift the prebaked anode required in metal smelting in potrooms with high magnetic field, high temperature and high dust concentration. As our standard equipment for years, it is unique in design to fabrication and is characterized by strong jacking capacity, steady jacking, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, etc. We are able to design and fabricate jacking device of various models in line with customer’s requirement.

The anode jacking devices mainly have two types. One is triangular plate type, and another is screw lift type.

二、 Equipment Structure and Working Principle

2.1 Anode jacking device (triangle plate)

This type of anode jacking device is comprised of cross beam, jack assembly, motor, coupler, end link rod, middle link rod, head link rod, triangle plate, X-bolt, pivot, cross joint, hinge pin, lug, etc. Characterized by simple configuration, stable and reliable operation, low noise and less maintenance, it is the most advanced special lifting equipment for anode ascending and descending operation in China.

Worm screw lift

Testbed for triangle plate

2.2 Screw lift

The screw lift is mainly comprised of motor, reducer, left spiral jack, right spiral jack, left reversing gear box, right reversing gear box, transmission shaft, transmission coupler, insulated transmission coupler etc.

Screw lift

Working principle: the screw lift completes the anode lifting and lowering operation through the cylindrical gear, bevel gear, and worm gear transmission. Working process: the cylindrical gear reducer utilizes motor as the power source to reduce the speed for the first time, after which the reversing gear box changes the transmission direction and transfers power to screw lift worm through main transmission rod and the worm gear drives the lifting screw mounted in the center of it to ascend and descend the anode fixed on the screw.