Supper dense phase conveying technology is a new technology for long-distance conveying of powder and particle materials. It can be used for any fine particles or powder materials that is with fluidization characteristics. This technology is characterized by advanced process, simple equipment, low energy consumption, high conveying efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance, safety and reliability. It can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, grain processing, chemical industry and other industries.

1.1Equipment characteristics

1.1.1The supper dense phase conveying device can be arranged horizontally for a long distance, which can save a lot of installation space, facilitate the design, installation and construction, and save a lot of civil engineering investment.

1.1.2It is designed to have a low material flow rate (< 0.5m / s), which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment and reduce the damage to alumina, which is conducive to the dissolution and diffusion of alumina in the electrolyte, and reduce the formulation of precipitation.

1.1.3high material concentration (> 0.8t / M 3), although the flow rate is small, the conveying capacity is also large.

1.1.4The system has a self-contained exhaust air system, equipped with independent and efficient exhaust air filtration device, separate dust removal device not required. The system is completely enclosed conveying, no dust flying, and with good working conditions. It can also avoid infiltration of various impurities so as to improve the aluminum grade.

1.1.5The whole system has no mechanical moving parts, so the maintenance workload is small and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

1.1.6The whole system has no mechanical moving parts, so the maintenance workload is small and the labor intensity of workers is reduced.

1.1.7Applying hyper dense phase conveying system can reduce alumina consumption and improve economic benefits.

In addition, the main air pipe pressure of the hyper dense phase conveying system is generally 3000pa-7000pa, which only causes little damage to powder particles during conveying process. In the dry purification of the pot gas, this technology does not only make it convenient to add fresh alumina to the gas for absorption reaction, but also ensure the low alumina breakage rate, improve the adsorption effect and improve the gas purification efficiency.

1.2Main Applications and Scope of Application

The hyper dense phase conveying system is an important part of the production potlines with large-scale prebaked anode pot. It works under the conditions of high temperature, dust and strong magnetic field. Its applications are as follows:

1.2.1Automatic pot feeding

1.2.2Process measurement and matching of alumina and fluorides

1.2.3Material supply in crane feeding system

1.2.4Fresh alumina supply and enriched alumina recycle in gas treatment system

2、Structural Characteristics and Working Principle

2.1System Composition

The hyper dense phase system is composed of airslides (from the outlet of the enriched alumina silo to the inlet of the material bin of pot), vertical discharging pipes, exhaust dust collectors (balance material column), air supply system, various valves, batching metering devices, material collection devices (dust collectors on the top of the silo), pot feeding system, etc.

The main components of the hyper dense phase conveying system include airslide, air pipe, two-way automatic control valve, high-pressure centrifugal fan, exhaust dust collector (balance material column), dust collection device on the top of the silo, batching metering system, silo top material collector, etc.

The airslide is the main part of the hyper dense phase conveying system. Each airslide is composed of material chamber, air chamber, ventilation plate, gasket, connecting flange and fastening screw. The air vent plate separates the air chamber and the material chamber, and the gas from the air chamber flows into the material chamber uniformly through the air vent plate to fluidize the material, and then the material can be transported.

The air pipe is the pipe that supplies air to the airslides. It is made of/rolled by 3-4mm thick iron plate and its diameter is 300-400mm.

The two-way automatic control valve can automatically adjust the air volume entering the air chamber of the airslide to ensure the constant air supply pressure of the airslide.

The venting dust collector is the venting passage for the material chamber of airslides, which only allows air rather than the material to pass through.

High pressure centrifugal fan is the air source of the system.

The dust collection device on the top of the silo ensures that the silo has a good venting status; so that the pressure inside the silo will not be too high to hamper the smooth feeding, and it also collects the dust generated in the silo.